Week 4 – Chapter 15 Artifact

Chapter 15 Rationale

Companies might go through a period where they have increased work demands and require an increase in new employees. When considering the amount of time and money it takes to hire a new employee and adequately train them to do the job, it is clear why performance support is an important factor. With the increased work, the company cannot afford to pull current employees and use them to train new hires. With performance support measures put into place, tools and resources are built into the workflow. “You don’t use performance support to learn about a task, but rather you use it directly in conjunction with the performance of the task” (Reiser & Dempsey, 2018, p. 133). there are many different types of performance support tools and can be broken into job aids and electronic performance support systems (EPSS) (Reiser & Dempsey, 2018). Examples of job-aids, which are mainly paper, include post-it notes, planners, recipes. EPSS can be apps and IT systems. The goal of performance support is to integrate the performance support into the workflow so there is no need to stop working to learn. If done efficiently, performance support can provide support to beginners and build their skills to mastery and build their confidence.


Reiser, R.A. & Dempsey, J.V. (2018). Trends and issues in instructional design and technology. (4th. ed.). Pearson: Boston, MA.

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