• Parent Blog verbiage is provided by The Gospel Project as a letter to parents. On the website it will be delivered as a weekly blog for parents to learn about the background of the weekly scripture. The Parent Blog can be created and scheduled to post on specific days.
  • Create/Collect weekly lessons includes reading The Gospel Project material for kindergarten, young children and preteens and using the information to develop engaging lessons for the children. Some lessons will be created by me initially, but the goal is for each Children’s Church leader to create their own lessons and submit them in a cloud drive for upload to the website. This will require training of the leaders on the expected standard for presentations, the length of presentations, and narrations and captions. Each lesson should be available by the Friday prior to the Sunday the lesson is scheduled to be available.
  • Activities for each class will include coloring pages, printable images for matching games, and lists of arts and crafts supplies to do crafts related to the scripture. Supplies will not be provided at this time, but in the future supplies could be provided on Wednesday evenings or Sundays for children to do the activities at home.
  • YouTube Channel will be a centralized place for video lessons or leaders to record themselves giving messages to children and their families. The videos will need to be sound quality and lighting. In order to be inclusive all videos need closed captioning as well. This will be covered in the training for leaders that choose to upload videos. As administrator over the YouTube Channel I am able to grant access to other people to upload videos.
  • Archive old lessons needs a strategic method that allows a set number of lessons to still be available on the website. At this time, I think the lessons for each month is enough, anything further back than that is already past it’s conversation time. I do not want to have an excess of webpages.
  • Resources for the website include Christian-based websites families can use with additional information and activities. It can also include YouTube channels with Christian cartoons and animations explaining scriptures. As I work on more lessons more resources might come to light.


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