EDLD 6342

Community Leadership Development develops collaborative leadership skills related to initiating and implementing school and community partnerships. A special focus is the enhancement of critical literacy skills­–the capacity to read and interpret events within the socio-political context of community-embedded educational leadership.

Click above image for chapter jigsaw project.

Chapter jigsaws provide opportunities for students to present essential information from an assigned chapter in a visual website or short video presentation.

Click above image for social justice project.

After conducting a community analysis, the social change project provides an opportunity to develop a solution based project for change in the community.

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed on people’s lives across the state, the nation and the world in a short time. Communities were forced to cease in-person gatherings and this impacted the Coastal Bend Food Bank’s ability to deliver their weekly self-management diabetes education classes. While some adjustments were made such as posts to the Coastal Bend Food Bank social media accounts, the pandemic shed light on the issue of access to education. This social change project provides an opportunity for the Coastal Bend Food Bank, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s graduate students, the Garcia Center, and the American Diabetes Association to work together to build online modules for clients to continue to gain education on self-management strategies, nutrition, and preventative care measures related to diabetes.

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