Design Journal #8

This week proved to have multiple obstacles with time management and utilizing various tools to create my final presentation. This week I utilized Canva, Powtoons, Screencast and iMovie to create my prototype presentation. It required time to video record, screen record, and edit. Learning science was a new term this week that introduces the cognitiveContinue reading “Design Journal #8”

Design Story

Extended explanation Navigating life is difficult, so the thought of navigating life as an adolescent brings additional challenges because experience and logic are not yet developed. The decisions about social circles, hobbies and interests, and future decisions can be daunting.  For students that will be the first in their family to attend college, the decisionContinue reading “Design Story”

Design Journal #7

A design story explores the user as the key subject of many adventures. Through exploration of problems and varying solutions based on thoughts and actions, the instructional designer creates the story. Characters are created and imagination comes into play as the adventure, the journey, the experience of the user is explored. Through storytelling, an IDContinue reading “Design Journal #7”

Design Journal #6

The Internet has existed for 29 years, but for some higher education institutions there remains a hesitation to embrace technology and integrate it with the learner experience (Utecht & Keller, 2019). Leveraging these technologies in meaningful ways to share work, add value to the conversation, and find ways to connect to community, has potential toContinue reading “Design Journal #6”

WebEx For Learning

In 2019 access to the every changing technology continues to pose opportunities for educators to incorporate technology in a positive manner into the classroom. Whether teaching a face-to-face course, a hybrid course, or a 100% online course, utilizing a video conferencing program is essential to the engagement of students. Here is a video for theContinue reading “WebEx For Learning”

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a software program that helps an organization, business or educational, create, manage, and deliver eLearning courses and information. Some uses for an LMS can include employee training, employee orientation, and education. Blackboard allows the instructor or instructional designer to design the left navigation according to the needs of the class.Continue reading “Learning Management Systems”

Meeting Students Where They Are

The ability to learn on the go allows instructors the advantage to meet students where they are; whether that is in a classroom, in the car, at home sick or on vacation. There are numerous tools that can be downloaded on a mobile device but the two that I have chosen to explore are ShowMeContinue reading “Meeting Students Where They Are”

Redefining How Students Learn

Learning in the 21st Century is no longer about using the same methods that were known to work to accomplish the same goals. With the changes in generational perspectives including motivation, relevancy and purpose, it has become vital that the way education is approached changes as well. Digital badging, differentiated and personalized learning all engageContinue reading “Redefining How Students Learn”

Exploring Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning, mLearning, pairs mobile devices with electronic learning to taking learning anywhere and everywhere (Montalto-Rook, Asino, & Thanomsing, 2010).  Two areas of interest related to mLearning include research and best practices for instructional designers and the impact of mLearning with distance education learners. Three theories currently exist related to mLearning: Sharples developed a theoryContinue reading “Exploring Mobile Learning”

Design Journal #5

In a post on SHIFT Disruptive ELearning (2015), “When we as commoners think about design, all we think of is superficial things. But design is more than just aesthetics. It involves emotional connect” (Gutierrez, 2015, para. 1). With the number of adults accessing information through a device, specifically a cell phone or smartphone, it isContinue reading “Design Journal #5”