PM Journal Entry #4

Over the past week, I’ve obtained The Gospel Project curriculum from the Children’s Church Director. I also purchased an external CD drive since the lessons are provided on a cd. There are not any free videos available, so any videos used for the lessons will need to be created by me or by other children’sContinue reading “PM Journal Entry #4”

PM Journal Entry #3

This week started off with the realization that the development of this project for Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship to have a website for Children’s Church does not necessarily have the typical steps of building a product and then having the client review it, making necessary modifications and then having the client sign off to putContinue reading “PM Journal Entry #3”

PM Journal Entry #2

At first the goal to go online for the church was a short-term goal to meet the needs of the children during COVID-19; however, after speaking with church leadership, it seems that the new website will become a long-term goal. With this in mind, it will require more development and planning for longer than twoContinue reading “PM Journal Entry #2”

PM Journal Entry #1

With the current change in the world related to COVID19, many companies and organizations are looking for alternative ways to deliver their services including schools, restaurants, and churches. My initial client was a local nonprofit that provides educational trainings to various independent school districts. As a small nonprofit it is difficult to be everywhere allContinue reading “PM Journal Entry #1”

Tech Journal #5

Meeting students where they are at requires knowing and caring about where they are at, what their life consists of and the environment that surrounds them. More often than not a key characteristic about students today almost all educators can say or will say is, “they are techie, raised in a digital world”. While thisContinue reading “Tech Journal #5”

Tech Journal #4

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles. I attended a pre-conference bootcamp that was eight hours over Adobe Character Animate where I got to learn how to modify pre-existing characters and add sound to them. Over the next couple of several days I sat in sessionsContinue reading “Tech Journal #4”

Tech Journal #3

As students continue to live in a world surrounded by technology, it is important to shift gears from the traditional style of learning at the board to the integration of technology in the classroom. It’s not that educators are unaware that technology is important, but more so the overwhelming feeling of trying to use andContinue reading “Tech Journal #3”

Tech Journal #2

Learning with technology continues to increase across the country as statistics show more and how the impact technology integration has on classroom behavior, engagement, and comprehension. This week, I read several articles about self-regulated learning. Self-regulated learning allows for independence in students. The problem is students do not always ask for help, so it isContinue reading “Tech Journal #2”

Tech Journal #1

In my ten years of experience in higher education, I have learned that relevancy is important in order to engage students in learning. Project-based learning (PBL) blends content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences, in terms of both academic achievement and students’ personal growth. Buck Institute for Education, 2019 Project-basedContinue reading “Tech Journal #1”