Giving Power to the Voice Within

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. ~ Harvey Fierstein I’m an advocate, it’s what I do. Individuals each have a unique situation that has happened in their life that has caused them to be the person they are; andContinue reading “Giving Power to the Voice Within”

Alice Freaking Wonderland

I feel as though I have been navigating the world my entire life without a true or real lens. When I was thinking about my topic for my annotated bibliography I was thinking of leadership in the general sense, but one thing I have learned in this EDLD program is to use the courses forContinue reading “Alice Freaking Wonderland”

Put Knowledge to the Test

The semester has been an interesting transition because I enrolled in the Clinical Leadership Laboratory class prior to knowing anything about a potential leadership position in my future. The class has coincided with a career change as I moved from the Communications Coordinator to the Assistant Director for Academic Coaching & Success. My previous experienceContinue reading “Put Knowledge to the Test”

Leadership: Growth Not Complacency

As a person with an undergraduate degree in psychology, I have always enjoyed taking assessments to summarize characteristics, traits, perspectives, style, behaviors, and so many other identified attributes. In some instances the assessment reinforces what i already knew or brings into light something about myself I was unaware of. I have taken the StrengthsFinder assessmentContinue reading “Leadership: Growth Not Complacency”

Adobe Max October 2020

What an amazing experience it is to be surrounded by creativity, taking our imagination beyond the everyday perspective. For the second year, I had the privilege of attending the Adobe Max Conference. While it was not in-person due to COVID-19, it did not disappoint. Adobe continues to lead in the digital realm. Take a glimpseContinue reading “Adobe Max October 2020”

Blackboard Learn – Task Feature

Blackboard has a tool called Tasks that allows instructors to create specific task lists for students. This is one way to provide a structured task-oriented approach to covering certain course content. The task feature used in the Blackboard Learn course I am designing will be a way for students to use an organized list toContinue reading “Blackboard Learn – Task Feature”

Blackboard Learn – Achievements

“The Achievements tool in Blackboard allows instructors to issue achievement badges orcourse completion certificates based on specific criteria that the instructor designates” (EDTECH News – Teaching with Technology Today, n.d.). By creating achievements in Blackboard, instructors can incentivize the course through a digital badge for course completion, milestones within the course, or customize how learnersContinue reading “Blackboard Learn – Achievements”

Blackboard Learn – Customize Content

Uploading a Video as a File Blackboard allows instructors to customize the content title, instructions and materials used for the course. I was able to change the color of my content page title. This adds a different feature for Blackboard instead of black text. A legend can be created and introduced early on in theContinue reading “Blackboard Learn – Customize Content”

Learning Management System – Badging

“Being rewarded is a powerful extensive motivator” (Blackboard). Learning Management Systems provide learning tool interoperability (LTI) that rewards and recognizes student achievement through digital badging. “Badges, a form of micro-credentialing, provide a means to recognize and showcase evidence of acquisition of specific skills” (Zucker & Hicks, 2019, 114). Additionally, “badges often employ principles of gamification,Continue reading “Learning Management System – Badging”