Blackboard Learn – Task Feature

Blackboard has a tool called Tasks that allows instructors to create specific task lists for students. This is one way to provide a structured task-oriented approach to covering certain course content. The task feature used in the Blackboard Learn course I am designing will be a way for students to use an organized list to seek out essential information they need to know as a college student.

“Learning through inquiry” is a widespread approach in university education which encourages students to research a topic or problem and, by engaging in the process, helps them to develop both the knowledge of the area and the skills required to research it”.

(Ellis & Bliuc, 2016, p. 970)

If I use the achievement feature paired with the tasks, I can recognize students that seek out information and develop a deeper understanding and connection to the university. Additionally, “from a teacher’s perspective, the adoption of inquiry-based learning is often motivated by the desire to develop more engaged, constructive and student-focused experiences of learning” (Ellis & Bliuc, 2016, p. 971).

The task feature can be used within modules or content areas.


Ellis, R. A., & Bliuc, A.-M. (2016). An exploration into first-year university students’ approaches to inquiry and online learning technologies in blended environments. British Journal of Educational Technology47(5), 970–980.

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