Blackboard Learn – Achievements

“The Achievements tool in Blackboard allows instructors to issue achievement badges or
course completion certificates based on specific criteria that the instructor designates” (EDTECH News – Teaching with Technology Today, n.d.). By creating achievements in Blackboard, instructors can incentivize the course through a digital badge for course completion, milestones within the course, or customize how learners acquire badges. When creating the achievement information, instructors have the opportunity to define the rules that will be used to achieve the digital badge.

The following are screen shots from Blackboard on setting up an achievement. In order to setup and achievement, the instructor must have content created. Achievements can be attached to a specific assignment or series of assignments, if they are in a module. For Blackboard courses that have a grade book and use assignments with grades, achievements can be attached to a grade. For example, completing a unit of instruction with 80% accuracy on the lesson’s assessments. In order to successfully complete the assessment, the learner must demonstrate competency of the instructional material (e.g. lectures, presentations, videos, worksheets, discussion posts).

Select criteria for the rule to accomplish the level and achieve the badge.

When the instructor browses the list of content, they are able to assign the specific content with the achievement.

Digital Badge Design. Each badge will identify the level and the name of the Level, for example “Islander Pride”.


(n.d.). EDTECH News – Teaching with Technology Today.

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