PM Journal Entry #4

Over the past week, I’ve obtained The Gospel Project curriculum from the Children’s Church Director. I also purchased an external CD drive since the lessons are provided on a cd. There are not any free videos available, so any videos used for the lessons will need to be created by me or by other children’s church leaders. The videos that are provided are to be in the physical class and have explicit instructions not to share on public websites.

Every year the children put together a Resurrection Program to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. This year, due to COVID-19 I shared an idea for the children to recite assigned scriptures as they do in church but the parents can record them and then I could compile the videos together to deliver an video of the Resurrection Program.

2020 Resurrection Program video compilation created by Deshawna Colvin

After reviewing and discussing what was already created through the WordPress website I created, the director informed me the Pastor would like me to create the content within the church’s website instead of having a separate website for people to visit. This week I got access to the church’s WordPress and learned more about the backend of the website. They use a cornerstone platform that is different than the current experience I have with WordPress, so I will have to learn how to use cornerstone. I had a phone conversation with one of the administrative employees, who informed me any content created for the website has to be approved by the Children’s Church Director and Pastor before it can go live. This will add another layer for me to implement earlier deadlines to ensure the material is approved and ready to post by the required date.

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