PM Journal Entry #3

This week started off with the realization that the development of this project for Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship to have a website for Children’s Church does not necessarily have the typical steps of building a product and then having the client review it, making necessary modifications and then having the client sign off to put the product into action. With this particular project, it was created out of necessity and is live and requiring weekly work to be done. Since this is for a course, I am also working toward completing the course objectives.

The first week I created the lessons I did not have the lesson plans for Kinder or Mighty Warriors of God (two classrooms) so I had to ask other leaders to provide me with the information. I was up late. I thought the website was going to be shared that next day as it was Sunday but it wasn’t. This past week, I did not work on any lessons because I still did not receive any lessons for the director. I finally got the lesson plans for all ages this week. That was when the realization that I will be creating the lessons for all weeks and all classes, at least in the beginning, until I coordinate a plan for the other leaders.

This week, I worked on my timeline deliverables and the layout for my online portfolio as I continue to work on the portfolio so it is engaging for people who visit it. Here is the link to the latest addition to my Project Management webpage: Again, since this project is active and requires development and implementation right now, the layout for the timeline and deliverables are different than preparing a future project.

Ideally, I would like to have a webpage with all of the Children’s Church leaders with their photos and the Sunday they teach. Realistically, I do not think that will happen in the next 5-weeks since we have 32 people that we would need headshots for and not everyone is tech savvy and takes professional grade photos.

Some of the programs that will be used to create the lessons include Adobe InDesign for an interactive flip book. I was thinking of using StorybooardThat and creating comic strips using the scripture and then putting that in InDesign. Canva will also be used for the presentation slide to show bullets of key information. Finally it will all be put together with iMovie and uploaded to YouTube.

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