PM Journal Entry #2

At first the goal to go online for the church was a short-term goal to meet the needs of the children during COVID-19; however, after speaking with church leadership, it seems that the new website will become a long-term goal. With this in mind, it will require more development and planning for longer than two months.

The tasks that will need to be developed is a plan for children’s church leaders assigned to each Sunday to be able to work on their lessons and email them to me to edit and make it uniform the the rest of the content on the website. Not all children’s church leaders are technology savvy, so it will take me either doing the lessons myself or working with them remotely to assist them in their lesson. I was thinking of using Google Drive as many people are familiar with it as the central place to upload documents and presentations. I need to develop a process for deadlines to turn in presentation and videos which will allow me to edit and upload them.

“The term ‘digital divide’ refers to the gap between individuals, households, businesses and geographic areas at different socio-economic levels with regard to both their opportunities to access information and communication technologies (ICTs) and to their use of the Internet for a wide variety of activities” (OECD Statistics Directorate, n.d.). When designing the content on the website, I need to ensure it is easily accessible by the respective age groups in the event the parents are not engaged with the children. I also have to take into consideration the family might not have a laptop, so lessons need to be responsive and accessible on a smartphone. Lastly, the lessons and content need to be completed quickly so that one child is not maximizing the technology as the family might be sharing one device.


OECD Statistics Directorate. (n.d.). OECD glossary of statistical terms – Digital divide definition. Retrieved from

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