PM Journal Entry #1

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With the current change in the world related to COVID19, many companies and organizations are looking for alternative ways to deliver their services including schools, restaurants, and churches.

My initial client was a local nonprofit that provides educational trainings to various independent school districts. As a small nonprofit it is difficult to be everywhere all the time. My new client is a local church that has moved to all online services which means their children’s church services have been canceled. This project would provide the foundation for the church to be a true “campus” as there will be educational lessons provided and resources for families to continue to grow.

The curriculum used at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship is from The Gospel Project. There is a rotation of children’s church leaders each Sunday so one of the major tasks, in addition to building the website framework, will be to coordinate with the other leaders on the lessons. At this time, I have not explored ways to coordinate these efforts, but it is on my to-do list.

For the past couple of days, I worked on building a website for CCCF Children’s Church. I had to wait for permission from the senior Pastor at the church to be able to create the website and content. As leader on the fourth Sunday for 1st through 3rd grade, I only have the content for my age group to create a lesson. I had to communicate the Director of Children’s Church to see how I can obtain the content for kindergarten and 4th and 5th grade.

Video Lesson for March 22, 2020

WordPress does not allow videos to be uploaded directly to the website without a paid subscription, which the website does not currently have. When I created the lesson I had to also create a Youtube channel. I did find out after further research multiple people can have access to the same YouTube Channel, so this will allow other leaders to create their own videos and post them.

Right now, the website is stand alone outside of the main church website; however, there will be a link or graphic image that will connect people from the main church website to the CCCF Children’s Church website. As I continue to work on building a platform for Children’s Church, it will be important to remind key leadership within the church the importance of supporting the efforts to provide education and engagement outside of the four walls of the physical location.

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