Tech Journal #4

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles. I attended a pre-conference bootcamp that was eight hours over Adobe Character Animate where I got to learn how to modify pre-existing characters and add sound to them. Over the next couple of several days I sat in sessions for Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing program, Adobe Character Animate, Adobe InDesign and Adobe AfterEffects. These sessions provided me the opportunity to learn how to start a new document, edit a document and explore basic functions.

Out of the sessions that I attended, the two that I see immediately including in a learning environment are Adobe InDesign for interactive reading with clickable questions as responses, videos, and animated pictures. Rather than reading through the story on a piece of paper, students can click through screens and read the text on a screen.

The other program is Adobe Aero for augmented reality. During the conference, the Adobe team showed a demo on how easy it is to created augmented reality. As soon as I left, I was fascinated by what could be done with quick downloads, Photoshop image creation and a couple of clicks so I started to explore how to upload photos. When teaching a lesson, the students can use their mobile devices to explore content in a more immersive style.

Designing more engaging videos will allow more self-regulated learning online through Blackboard during the summer bridge. It will also allow the integration of explanatory videos for key information every student should know. The integration of augmented reality will be a great addition to the campus scavenger hunt students participate in during their first week of the summer bridge College 101 class.

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