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Navigating life is difficult, so the thought of navigating life as an adolescent brings additional challenges because experience and logic are not yet developed. The decisions about social circles, hobbies and interests, and future decisions can be daunting.  For students that will be the first in their family to attend college, the decision is one that is usually navigated alone or with minimal guidance resulting in feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, and a bit of hope. 

The Internet provides a vast array of information that can be overwhelming to find a starting point: identifying the first step, figuring out how to pay for college, questions to ask about colleges and majors, and ultimately the purpose and benefit of college.  Students want to know, “is it really worth it?” By providing a YouTube Channel with step-by-step information about college, broken into two-minute segments, students can navigate high school and decisions about post-graduate with more guidance. The videos will include a list of questions students should ask admissions counselors and financial advisors. In addition, websites, programs, and funding support for first-generation college students will be shared.

The goal of the YouTube Channel is not to give the students all of the answers but to give them points of reference, in the comfort of their own time, busy lives, and privacy.  When the students navigate the best path for them, they will do so with more confidence.    

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