Design Journal #2

Desk Crit #1 for TAMUCC IDET 5303 Course.

This week turned out to be a very active and interactive week for me as I learned how to create a title page in Adobe Captivate, I edited images in Adobe Photoshop, and I used iMovie to piece together various video clips into one video that overviews my weeks of design exploration. According to Clark and Mayer (2016), “based on cognitive theory and research evidence, we recommend that e-learning courses include words and graphics rather than words alone” (Clark & Mayer, 2016, p. 85). Clark and Mayer go on to explain that the instructor’s job is not to just present information over and over but to help the learner with cognitive processing (Clark & Mayer, 2016).

I was unaware there are six types of graphics that can be incorporated into a design. Not all graphics serve the same purpose. There are decorative graphics, representational, organizational, relational, transformational, and interpretive (Clark & Mayer, 2016). While taking into consideration the multimedia principle, it also important to ensure 508 Compliance. Web Accessibility Initiative provides a list of 508 compliance tools that can be used to check the accessibility of your website. One of the links is to accessibility color wheel which assist with pairing colors together, text and background. One reason I like using YouTube is because of the closed caption available.

One of the websites I’ve been exploring is Interaction Design Foundation as their website provides a lot of insight related to UX. Thee website has strictly open-source, open access literature. Below are a couple of the latest articles I’ve read.

Link to the article 5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process:
Link to the article Bad Design vs. Good Design: 5 Examples We can Learn From:


Clark, R. C., Mayer, R. E., (2016). e-learning and the science of instruction: Proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning, third edition (4th ed.). San Francisco, Calif: Pfeiffer.

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