Balancing Life

Step Afrika! visited TAMUCC on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 for Black History Month programming. Project GRAD staff, Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford and Angela Walker are featured in the photo with Step Afrika!

The month of February happened to be one of the busiest times of my life in a very long time. I actually forgot just how thin we can be spread. During the month of February as co-chair for the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Black History Month Committee, I attended the planned events and oversaw a new Campus Conversation series we started, coordinating speakers and ensuring social media was done to promote the events.

Photo from a presentation at the Pearson Co-requisite Conference in Irving, Texas.

I also attended a Pearson Co-requisite Conference mid-month in Irving, Texas (mind you it started on Valentine’s Day, so I was away from my husband). This was a great conference and provided a lot of insight as I was developing my course design for my Instructional Design class I started at the beginning of the spring semester, a 7-week course taught fully online. While at the Pearson Conference, I began developing my course in Canvas, a program I’d never used until the drive back to Corpus Christi from Irving. Long drive with two math instructors, of course work will get done.

I agreed in January to coordinate the children’s portion of our church family conference, a first-time we’ve offered it. The conference was Saturday, March 2nd, so I had about a month to find speakers and coordinate materials from the speakers, collect photos, and bios, and develop two lessons of my own for the event. Every fourth Sunday, I teach children’s church for first through third graders so mid-week leading up to the fourth Sunday, I was preparing a lesson for church AND preparing more of my instructional design model. I also dance with two ministries within my church and in February we ministered at a local church so we rehearsed throughout the week to prepare.

The above mentioned are the additional things, you know, those extracurriculars you say yes to not thinking about your actual job and personal responsibilities. As Assistant Director of Project GRAD, I’m working on logistics for our upcoming summer bridge and meeting with students.

Throw in the Mom duties, my daughter is in 8th grade, her last year of middle school so it is very important that Mom be at her last basketball game. My oldest son hd his first running club event, which happened to be at the University, but on the same day as Island Day (which I was working). Did I mention my youngest daughter turned four in February we so planned a birthday party. Originally it was supposed to be at our house, but all of the stars seemed to have lined up and EVERYONE we invited actually said they could make it; so, we had to find a public location to house everyone and Chuck E Cheese was the last-minute fix.

My husband went from being a stay-at-home Dad (SAHD), to enrolling and being accepted to barber school in February so our family dynamic changed. Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm-6pm he is in school and our two youngest are now in daycare (yeah, an added cost).

All the while, there is still a 7-week course happening, my meal planning ceased to exit, cooking ceased to exit, but thankfully my kids are alive and well, I am alive and well, and I’ve made it to see March and the last day of my Instructional Design class. While finishing up the class, I’m attending the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), now changing to the National Organization for Student Success (NOSS) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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